A guide to the brand

Shift is changing the way businesses access finance. 

Originally established as GetCapital in 2014, the company rebranded as Shift in October 2021 as part of its mission to provide businesses with finance on demand. Enabled by streaming data, Shift offers a better way for Australian businesses to trade, pay and access funds.
Customer Value Proposition
without the paperwork
without the wait
without compromise

The “internal” part of our brand that our team lives by.

We are straight forward

We collaborate in a respectful, honest and direct way with each other, our customers and our partners. We earn trust by consistently matching our actions to our words.

We deliver value

Our success depends on the success of our customers. We strive to deliver genuine value with every interaction. The more value we deliver, the more successful we all become.

Time is precious

We know that speed matters. Success is dependent on us delivering effective outcomes very quickly. We respect the time of our colleagues, partners and customers at all times and seek to deliver outcomes TODAY.