Meet Styx

Styx is part of our brand design, and we named him at a team offsite a few years ago.

He is an important part of our brand and you’ll see him throughout the office, in meeting rooms and our many of our ads. In essence, Styx represents our customers and partners: business owners, brokers and merchants.

His presence serves as a constant reminder about who we service and why we do what we do. Business owners have grit - they have a lot going on every day and finance is just one small part of running their business. Success to us is delivering simple but effective products and platforms that give them the financial certainty and flexibility they need to run and grow their business.

Styx illustrations

Business Overdraft
Working Capital Facility
Import Line of Credit
Term Loan
Equipment Finance
Vehicle Finance
Fitout Finance
Shift Payments
Business owner
Broker Online
Represents "Help"
Represents "Online"
Represents "Time"
Message illustraion 01
Message illustration 02


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