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Use these social media templates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. You can easily brand these posts in just 2 minutes or download the generic versions for immediate use.

While we've also provided suggested captions, we recommend you edit these to make it unique and reflective of your brand.


3 Signs Your Business Needs A Cash Flow Facility
Get your audience to start thinking about whether they require a cash flow facility.

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The Importance Of Replenishing Stock
Highlight the importance of replenishing stock and introduce the idea of a cash flow facility assisting with this.

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Manage Unexpected Business Expenses
Ask your audience how they manage unexpected expenses and let them know there's a better alternative to using personal cash.

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Equipment Finance

Keep Your Business Moving In 2022
Encourage your audience to think about the benefits of new assets and equipment to their business this year.

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Equipment & Assets - Any Age & Type
Let your audience know that they're not limited by the asset type and age when looking for funding because you'll look at any scenario.

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Funds For A New Fit Out
Let your audience know about the different options available to them if they're thinking of doing a new fit out.

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Team Member Introduction
Use this template to introduce your team members to make your audience feel more connect to the experts they'll be working with.

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Showcase your positive client feedback and use this to build trust with your audience.

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Social Media

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