The Marketing Toolkit

Use the Marketing Toolkit to maximise your partnership. The Marketing Toolkit includes a range of assets to educate your customers on how they can pay for your products or services over time.

1. Add a payment banner to your invoices

Reduce the risk of late payment by adding a payment banner to your invoices. When your customers use Shift, they can pay overtime with flexible terms, and you get paid straight away.

2. Add a Shift landing page to your website

Improve conversion and average order value by adding a Shift-hosted landing page template to your website, educating customers on how they can pay over time.

3. Announce your partnership with Shift over email

Launch customers into the buying process by announcing your partnership with Shift using an email banner, bringing attention to Shift’s flexible payment options.

4. Order point of sale material

Shift supports your business both online and instore. Display Shift POS materials in your physical locations and showrooms to let customers know that Shift is available. Having greater visibility instore of Shift as a payment option leads to more conversions, higher average order value and repeat transactions.

The Marketing Toolkit

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