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A payment solution designed for the coffee community

They have the flexibility to choose payment dates that suit them (up to 90 days)

They can reduce admin by managing all their payments in one place
They can shift the payment date of any invoice by 14 days at no cost

How Shift Trade helps your business grow

  • Get paid on the day you deliver or invoice your café customers and never deal with a late payment again.
  • Win new business by offering cafés more flexible payment terms
  • It costs you nothing – cafés only pay a fee when they choose to extend payment past 14 days

Frequently asked questions

What happens if a customer doesn’t pay?
If a customer doesn’t pay an invoice, it’s up to Shift Payments to follow up and collect payment, not you. Shift Payments pays you on time, every time. One of the benefits of Shift is that you are separated from your customers’ obligations and can effectively remove the risk of late payments and bad accounts from your accounts receivable.
How does it work?
Once you are set up with Shift Payments, you can begin enrolling your customers – for example, café owners – to join your Shift program. Shift Payments will send your invitation via SMS to your customers. If your customer doesn’t already have a Shift account, they can then open one in a few simple steps. Once a customer has opened an account, you will receive a confirmation so you can begin transacting with them on Shift.
What are the costs?
You can offer your customers terms up to 14 days at no cost. If they need longer to pay, your customers can choose to extend payment terms up to 90 days for a fee.
Can I use Shift myself to pay my coffee bean supplier invoices?
Yes. You can use Shift to pay any Australian supplier – whether that be for your beans, packaging or anything else. Click through the same registration button to get set up in a matter of minutes.
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