Business overdraft

A payment solution that simplifies trade credit

Improve cash flow with payment terms that suit you

Shift Trade is a revolving trade credit account that can be used to pay invoices on more flexible terms. Manage all of your supplier payments in one place, negotiate better COD prices and still have the benefit of a trade account.
Get up to 13-week trade terms
Match trading cycles to your stock purchases & inventory turnover
Shift can be used to pay supplier invoices, ATO and utilities
Improve cash flow with more control over your accounts payable

Up to 13-week trade terms

As a business, you always have supplier invoices to pay. Get more convenience and flexibility over your payment terms with up to 13-week trade terms. It’s easy to get started.

How it works

Instead of many trade credit accounts with each of your suppliers,
Shift gives you a single account to pay them all.
Open a trade account in just minutes with our simple online registration process
Shift will set you up with a limit in a few hours
Upload your invoice. We pay the invoice directly, you choose the terms that suit you

Getting started

Register in minutes with your ABN. There are no set-up costs to get started with a credit limit today.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shift Trade?

Shift Trade is a revolving trade account that simplifies all of your supplier payments. It assists businesses by removing the hurdles involved in dealing with trade accounts from multiple suppliers. With Shift Trade, you get more control and flexibility over your trade terms which helps to improve cash flow.

How terms does Shift offer?
Once your account is opened, Shift offers you up to 14 days free payment terms to pay your suppliers. You can also choose to extend your payment terms to 13 weeks for a small transaction fee. You can choose the specific repayment term of each invoice at the time of processing the payment. While you receive extended payment terms, we will pay your supplier invoice immediately.
How do you open a Shift Trade  account?

To open your Shift Trade account, go to and follow the steps. All you need is: (1) your mobile number; (2) business bank account; (3) drivers license or passport number. If there are additional company directors or shareholders, you can invite them to also complete their details to finalise the account opening.

What are the costs?

There are no setup or ongoing costs for having a Shift Trade account. Depending on the payment terms you choose for your business, transaction fees can apply. For example, there are no costs for 14-day payment terms. If you choose payment terms longer than 14 days, a transaction fee applies to range from 0.49% (3 weeks) to 4.98% (13 weeks).

How do I process supplier invoices?
It’s easy to pay your supplier invoices in just a few clicks using the Shift platform. The first time you pay a new supplier, we will require a copy of the invoice for compliance purposes. You can upload a photo of the invoice or attach a PDF version. Thereafter, payments to that supplier can be processed without an invoice: all you need is the invoice number or reference and the amount.
How do I pay my Shift account?
Payments are direct debited from your nominated bank account according to the terms you have selected. You will receive an SMS reminder 24 hours before any payment is due.
When does my supplier receive payment?

Payments are made overnight and usually received by your supplier within 1 business day. When you make a payment with Shift Trade, you can nominate the payment description your supplier will see when they receive payment (e.g. an invoice number or name). The supplier will usually nominate a preferred reference number on their invoice. To protect your privacy, payments will always appear to come from you and not from Shift Trade or Shift.

Can I request credit limits?

When you first set up Shift Trade, you have the choice and flexibility of requesting a credit limit for your trade account. Alternatively, Shift Trade can recommend a credit limit for you based on your turnover and sales.

Who is behind Shift Trade?

Shift Trade is brought to you by Australian business lender Shift.