1.6M Australian businesses came off JobKeeper at the end of March

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of these businesses were already receiving JobKeeper support before eligibility criteria tightended (Source:ATO)

of businesses reported that JobKeeper payments made up at least half of their total revenue from December 20 to February 21 (Source:Shift)

Brokers play a pivotal role in ensuring their SME clients have ongoing access to capital

Our data shows that Australian SMEs are heavily dependent on JobKeeper. Since its introduction, JobKeeper has been the cash flow support that has helped many businesses continue to keep their doors open and hold on to key staff members.

When the eligibility criteria for JobKeeper tightened in October, 43% of businesses already receiving JobKeeper were still eligible and needed the support. For a lot of these businesses, JobKeeper was the lifeblood of their business, making up a significant portion of their revenue.

With JobKeeper having finished, many Australian SMEs will need alternate cash flow support options. The value of a broker in offering business finance solutions will be greater now than ever before.

The importance of being proactive

Performance Vs. Industry Benchmark
Here’s a case study that shows how funding at the right time helped this business overcome the industry trend. This broker helped their client continue to grow through Victoria’s second lockdown while the rest of the industry felt negative impact of the lockdown.

Timely access to capital can make or break your customer’s business post JobKeeper.

Whilst there are uncertain times ahead, business owners are also aware that there are opportunities on the recovery side of the pandemic. By providing your customers with the confidence, certainty and cash flow they need today, you’re providing them an opportunity to future proof their business.

The Business Overdraft is a proactive solution that allows brokers to talk to their customers, uncover working capital requirements and ensure they have access to capital when they need it

Why your clients will love our Business Overdraft

  • Confidence knowing they have access to capital when needed
  • Only pay interest on what they use
  • No hidden fees – only a $395 annual fee
  • Funding in 24 hours
  • Access up to $750k

Why brokers love working together with Shift

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Additional stream of revenue
  • Superior BDM support
  • Transparent pricing & processes
  • Limits up to $250k with only 6 months of bank statements

Shift's Business Overdraft is the perfect product to give SMEs the confidence to plan for uncertainty. Its favourable terms and cost structure provides my clients with the cash buffer they need, without incurring any costs until they use it.
– George Dib, Amfin Finance.

"Give SMEs the confidence to plan for uncertainty "

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