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Dedicated to meeting your needs

Business lending and our industry

We are dedicated to meeting the finance needs of business owners. We do this by taking an unconventional approach to business lending – creating powerful finance solutions, that are simple to use with quality service for businesses of all sizes. We believe that access to capital shouldn’t be a roadblock for businesses. Our credit philosophy is founded on understanding business, informed decisions, appropriate solutions and serviceability.

Understanding Business

We make reasonable enquiries about the business, industry, operations and capital needs.

Appropriate solutions

We exercise diligence and skill to ensure the finance product we provide meets the business needs and objectives.

Informed decisions

We help customers make informed decisions by ensuring loan terms are clear, concise and in plain language. This includes avoiding misleading or confusing advertising and communication.


We make an appropriate assessment to determine if obligations can be met.

Lending Practices

As a business lender, we adhere to sound lending practices as part of our commitment to deal fairly with business customers. We carefully consider our customers’ circumstances in our lending decisions.

As a leading non-bank lender for Australian businesses, Shift adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements and industry codes. Shift is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Regulatory compliance

Shift is a full member of the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA), the leading industry advocate for Australia’s finance sector. Shift is fully compliant with AFIA’s Online Small Business Code of Lending Practice, a customer-centric regulatory regime that supports small businesses by raising the level of transparency and disclosure in the industry. The Code was developed with support from AFIA, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, theBankDoctor.org and FinTech Australia, in consultation with ASIC.

The code can be accessed by visiting afia.asn.au

SMART Box™ – the best way to compare business loans

A key part of the Code is Loan Comparison Tool SMART Box which can be used to compare the most important metrics of a business loan.