Embedded finance solutions for your platform

Attract more customers, add revenue streams and improve your user experience by embedding Shift in your platform.

Grow your business

Embedded finance can drive growth, boost customer engagement, increase customer lifetime value and add new revenue streams to your platform. Shift’s payment and finance solutions are a seamless way to improve your offering.


Add new revenue streams by monetising B2B payments and asset finance.

Win and retain
more customers

Increase customer lifetime value and differentiate your platform.

Build a
one-stop destination

Add financial solutions so customers can do more business on your platform.

How it works

Shift allows you to offer B2B payments and asset finance solutions to your customers and their business customers. Shift handles customer onboarding, credit assessment, credit risk and infrastructure so you can focus on creating better experiences for your customers.

Easy to use APIs

Simple customer onboarding

trade signup

Earn revenue for all transactions processed on your platform

Differentiate your platform

Build better payment and asset finance solutions for your customers by providing more flexible solutions for B2B payments and asset finance solutions.

Omni-channel B2B payments

Integrate B2B payments and provide your customers with a seamless user experience from customer onboarding to payment acceptance.
Shift Trade

B2B asset finance

Help your customers sell more by allowing them to offer an omni-channel asset finance experience to their customers.

Shift Equipment

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