Save time, a simple solution for managing customer trade accounts

Increase the spending power of your customers.
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Seamless customer onboarding

Replace outdated and paper-based application processes

Upfront payment

Never chase another outstanding invoice while we manage the credit risk

A platform for any size business

Start billing customers in minutes

Grow your business

Offer all customers access to a trade account with flexible payment terms

How it works

Step 1

Log in to Shift Trade to begin inviting your customers

Step 1

Track your customer registrations and their available credit limits

Step 1

Start billing your customers

Step 1

Here’s how Shift helps you and your customers

Your Trade Account today
Your Trade Account tomorrow
For your business
For your customers
Calculating debtor days?
Cashflow tied up in Accounts Receivable?
For your business
Shift pays you next business day
For your customers
Access more flexible payment terms
(14, 30, 30 day EOM, 45 or 60 days)
Time consuming customer onboarding? Paper based applications?
For your business
Invite customers via your unique Trade Account registration link
For your customers
Open an account online in minutes and start transacting
Business growth limitations?
For your business
Increase customers purchasing power
For your customers
Account limits up to $500K
Manual ordering processes?
For your business
Start billing customers in minutes
For your customers
Access a seamless Trade Account
Taking on too much credit risk for your customers?
For your business
Grow your business while Shift wear the credit risk
For your customers
Customers can access increased credit limits to purchase more
  • Seamless sign up

    Start transacting with your customers instantly
  • Available everywhere

    Enable payments whatever your business model – API, online,
    in-store, call centre, e-commerce
  • Increase cashflow

    Enable existing customers to purchase more with larger credit limits.
  • Personalised experience

    Better understand your customers through business insights
  • Choice and control

    Tailor the payment terms you provide to your customers

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Shift?
Shift is finance on demand for business. Enabled by streaming data, Shift provides credit and payments platforms that help businesses trade, pay and access funds. As one of Australia’s fastest-growing technology companies, Shift is changing the way businesses access finance. Shift has been recognised by AFR’s Fast 100, Deloitte’s Technology Fast50, Smart Company’s Smart50 and Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500.
When will I be paid?

When your customer accepts the invoice, you will be paid the next business day.

What does it cost?

Prices start from 0.21% and are comparable with transaction fees you would pay on other payment methods. Pricing varies based on terms provided.

What is the minimum and maximum invoice size?

The minimum invoice amount is $20. You can process any invoice up to the customer’s available credit limit.

What if my customer doesn’t repay?
Shift manages customer credit checks, late payments and collections with no risk to you.
Is this debtor finance?

No, with debtor finance, the cash received by the supplier from the bank or financer comes in the form of a loan secured by the supplier's accounts receivable. With Shift, a supplier receives all payments upfront. Shift takes responsibility for all credit functions removing the administration and risk associated with issuing and management of Trade Accounts for suppliers. 

Is this factoring?

No, with factoring the accounts receivable debt is sold to a bank or financer.  With Shift, suppliers are paid upfront with the buyer entering a contract with Shift for repayment.  

How can I contact Shift?

Our Account Managers are available to help you with any questions. They can be reached here: Contact us.