A platform that simplifies trade credit

Because you’re a business not a bank

Shift Trade is a payments platform that simplifies B2B trade credit. Use Shift to manage your trade credit program and streamline the entire payments process with your customers. Release capital by getting paid immediately, every time, while providing more flexible trade terms to your customers.

Trade credit

A better way to provide trade credit to your customers

Release capital

With traditional Shift Trade you get paid when you issue an invoice and your customers can choose repayments that suit their business.
With Shift you get paid today

Simplify your business

With traditional trade credit, you need to dedicate people, systems and effort to manage your trade credit program.
With Shift you are free to run your own business

Grow your business

With traditional trade credit your customers are regularly asking for better payment terms.  
With Shift your customers get the trade terms they want.

Shift Trade is not...

Not debtor finance
Shift is not a loan. As a Supplier, you receive cash on delivery and Shift takes on your accounts receivable, freeing you from the credit admin burden, collections and risk.
Not factoring
Shift converts 100% of your receivables to cash without discounting. Receivables disappear from your balance sheet as Shift negotiates repayment terms directly with your buyers.
Not supply chain finance
Shift is not a buyer led program and has no integration requirements. Shift provides trade credit for buyers to use with any supplier.

It’s easy to open an account

In just 3 simple steps

Register in minutes
Verify your ABN, mobile and Australian ID in real time.
Link accounts
Link your business bank account for faster processing
Know your limit

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What is Shift Trade?

Shift Trade is a platform that simplifies trade credit. You can use Shift to manage your trade credit program and streamline the entire payments process between you and your customers. As a supplier of goods, Shift helps you release capital by paying you today, while providing trade credit to your customers. Simplify and focus on your core business without dedicating people, systems and effort to manage a cumbersome in-house trade credit and receivables program.

What happens if a customer doesn’t pay?

If a customer doesn’t pay an invoice, it’s up to Shift to follow up and collect payment, not you. Shift pays you on time, every time. One of the benefits of Shift is that you are separated from your customers’ obligations and can effectively remove the risk of late payments and bad accounts from your accounts receivable.

How does it work?

Once you are set up with Shift, you can begin enrolling your customers. Shift will send an invitation on your behalf to your customers via SMS. If your customer doesn’t already have a Shift account, they can open one in a few simple steps. Once a customer has opened an account, you will receive a confirmation so you can begin transacting with them on Shift.

What are the costs?

You can offer your customers terms up to 14 days at no cost. If they need longer to pay, your customers can choose to extend payment terms up to 90 days for a fee.