Power your business with real - time client insights

Shift Connect is transforming the way brokers do business.
Save time
Say goodbye to spending time on admin, data entry and inconsistent outcomes
Increase revenue
Identify new and cross-sell opportunities that exist in your database
Provide more value
Gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ businesses to proactively service their needs

Get a real-time view of your clients’ financial position and an indicative range on the products suitable for them.

Financial information to determine the most suitable lender and product
Indicative limits on the products suitable for their needs
A view of their existing financial commitments, income and expenses.
  • Increased approval rate from 56% to 82%

    Using Shift Connect has allowed me to significantly increase my approval rate. With all the information I see on my clients, I'm able to determine the most suitable solution for them.

    The time that I've been able to save from not having to resubmit applications has allowed me to chase more business. My clients are also receiving a much more seamless experience, which has resulted in positive reviews and more referrals.
    John Kapotis, Aim4Finance
  • 9 new facilities from existing clients

    When this new release of Shift Connect became I contacted some of my clients who I wrote a loan for in the last 2 years and offered to do a health check on their business.

    The information that I was given allowed me to determine who was elligible for additional facilities. I also used this information to tailor my conversations and convey exactly how these additional facilities would benefit the business.
    Abhishek Tanwar, Easy Business Loan

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Use these real time insights to have better conversations

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