Trade Buyers

Manage your accounts payable more effectively

A Trade Account that lets you pay for materials, stock and services from your regular suppliers or Shift’s partner network of suppliers.

Benefits of a Trade Account

Simple to register

Register online for an account limit of up to $500k and start using and start using your Trade Account to pay any of your suppliers.

Repay on your terms

You or your supplier can upload any invoice to your Trade Account. Shift pays your supplier upfront and you choose your repayment option.

All your suppliers in one place

A single Trade Account to conveniently manage and pay all your suppliers for materials, stock and services.

How Shift’s customers use their Trade Account

You’re invited to register for a Shift Trade account by one of your suppliers.
Each time you place an order, your supplier will bill your Shift Trade account, on your standard invoice terms, at no cost to you, with an option to extend if you require more time to pay.
You want to take advantage of pay-on-time discounts or investment buys from your suppliers.
Extend your standard invoice terms, enabling you to take advantage of special offers and improve your margins for a fee.

You need additional time to pay your supplier invoice
Extend the due date on any invoice up to 26 weeks for a small fee. Your supplier gets paid on time and you get the flexibility to pay on your preferred terms.

Get started


I'm buying goods or services for my business.”

Pay for materials, stock and services with a Trade Account for all your suppliers.

I'm selling goods or services to other businesses.”

Streamline the way you offer trade terms to your customers.